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XTi4000 Not Working

05 August 2013 - 04:31 PM

Hi There.

I have a XTi4000 that will not switch on.  I purchased it on 31/05/2010 from an Ebay company which has since ceased trading.  Upon contacting Sound Tech (just within the warranty period) they told me they suspect it is a grey import and would not fix it for free.  How can I tell if it is from the US or UK?

ser: 8500332406
part: NXTI4000
build: 11/29/2009

Can anyone help me here? I need to get it fixed (I'm in Somerset, UK)

The Amp doesn't respond to being switched on, no leds light, etc.  The internal fuse is ok.
I tested the output of the rectifier that is putting out 300v DC... Is this normal?

Please help!

Thanks in advance.