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ITech Rack Power Distro

21 July 2013 - 12:07 PM

Hi there,
How are you guys that are using Itechs out there powering them??? Here is exactly what I have

2 Identical Racks
Itech 6000 1: Ribbons (4 ohms) 2: Ribbons (4 ohms)
Itech 6000 1: Mids (4 ohms) 2: Mids (4 ohms)
Itech 6000 1: Mids (4 ohms) 2: Mids (4 ohms)
Itech 8000 1: Subs (4 ohms) 2: Subs (4 ohms)
Itech 9000 1: Subs (4 ohms) 2: Subs (4 ohms)

I am using them with 8 peavey versarray 112 a side and 4 JBL SRX728 subs a side

Yesterday was the first time I have used this setup and thought there should have been a lot more power. I believe is because I need to upgrade my power distro.

Current distro is 6/4 feeder and 30A 240V rack packs with 10/4 feeder. It was fine for previous amp setup however I know it is small for this amp setup.
I just want to make sure I get what I need the first time I buy.
I am looking at 2/0 Stage Cable feeder and 50A 240V rack packs with 6/4 feeder. Is that enough???

Chris Delcambre