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Crown XTi1000 issue

02 June 2013 - 04:51 AM


I have a Crown XTi1000 over here from april 2006. It had a very old firmware (status showed FW01.00.02) that I managed to upgrade to just now.

The amplifier was connected to two 8Ohm 300W RMS speakers fed through XLR from a mixing desk. Another audio source has been tested too so the problem doesn't lie there. The first noticeable problem was that channel 1 had already about half output when the gain know was set to 0. On the other side, channel 2 had no output when set to zero but the output was very different from channel 1 when set to equal values. Starting from about 60%, the sound got distorted heavily and dropped intermittently.

As the guarantee is already void, I have opened the unit and there are intermittent cuts when I move the display assembly. the Ready leds turn off sometimes and I even had the Thermal led flashing. I suspect the unit having the display ribbon problem? Is there any known solution for this problem ?

Kind regards.