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In Topic: PSA 2 Vs XTi 2002

08 May 2013 - 10:50 AM

Thanks - Stephane and dakos for your response.

We have horn speakers setup which are used to drive air in a chamber. The existing setup consists of horn speakers driven by PSA-2 amplifier. In order to upgrade our system we bought Xti-2002 amplifiers after thoroughly Comparing the  output Power with the PSA-2 model.

Observation - 1:
With the PSA-2 Model the current drawn by the horn speakers were typically around 9-12A , when  replaced  with xti2002  model the current given by the amplifier in the initial 30Seconds was 9-12A then we noticed thermal indication is coming and the current is dropping to 5-6A. Horn speakers load resistance is  around 2 Ohms.

Observation - 2:
To avoid any confusion regarding the load resistance the same procedure carried out using 2 Ohms rheostat capable dissipating more than 2KW power.After this exercise we observed same current fluctuation with temperature indicator as mentioned above.

Our criteria in selecting the amplifier is to have Load current around 12A RMS (i.e, continuous current) driving 2Ohms load .power requirement theorically working out to be  288Watts (Continuous power),Also the specs of Xti 2002 are superior to PSA-2 specs.Since PSA-2 is working smoothly till date we would like to know why the operation is not the same with XTI2002 which is having better driving capabilties.

The  following settings are made in the band manager software,
  • Advance monitoring ; fan speed: Full
  • Input :stereo
  • Synthesis : default
  • Input EQ and output EQ: Default( No Equaliser is set)
  • X-over :OFF
  • Delay : OFF
  • Limit: 69V for threshold, 0 for attack and 0 for release.
Hoping that the above information would help to some extent  in answering the issue.
Thank you.