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What's Z1 in a MA5002VZ?

Today, 04:54 PM

Hello, Crown folks!

Right now I'm trying to wrap up the repair on a MacroTech 5002VZ but the last little gremlin is stubborn. It has oscillation (actually vibration) in one output channel, causing a squarish/sineish waves of about 600 mV, 300 kHz to appear at the speaker terminals.

Anyway, while applying a signal to the unloaded amplifier and as I increased the amplitude, I heard something go Pop! Nothing burned on the output module, it appears Z1 on the speaker terminal ("Terminator") board ignited.

The trouble is there is nothing identified on the schematic as Z1, nor can I find a Z1 in any of the parts lists in that enchanted forest of a service manual.

If anyone has some thoughts on this mystery component, please share them.


Jeff / AC4AQ