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In Topic: Dudas en Crown xti 4002

28 March 2014 - 09:28 PM

Hi good afternoon , now I own 3 amplifier xti 2 series model , the model 1002, 2002 and 4002 . is that what you said these amps to work perfectly to require the current or voltage of the network is perfectly balanced , if there is a low voltage amplifier or enters unaccountable protection.

my question is : what are the main problems of the amplifier to work at low voltages ?

I have seen that the lower the voltage so the amp has little volume comprises the LED clips as laboring to maximum and in some instances the team does not give enough power . it is as if the work according to the maximum LED on the front panel but it sounds little in relation to giving the amplifier.

I would like to give me information about it , which presents a low voltage fault ? , which can cause damage to the speakers or the same amp? ,

just have another question , he said that these amps are class AB + B I would like to know how it works, and I wonder if it is true that the 6002 model is xti class I as I would like to buy that amp. thanks