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19 April 2014 - 05:40 PM

1) Fake headroom?
Let's say you have in frond of you a compressor and a limiter besides quality can't you set them up to do exactly the same thing? Limit? I prefer doing the job with an easily adjustable compressor on a console (or should I say limiter to be more accurate?) than buying a laptop to carry with me. I don't find any good reason not to go this way.
2) Get more? Easy to say so, not very easy to buy more or carry more. Especially when you don't need more, cause I don't for 100-200 people either in or out doors. The problem here is what singers THINK of their voice loudness and clarity in foh mix and what sound guys try to do and when they can't do it they will never say it's their fault, it's always the systems or your fault. So I tried this let the system loose, it gets pretty scary when they push a fader up and they never say I don't have enough of this. And it works. The only catch is I have to be twice alerted.
3) The most dangerous part is when they shout their lounges out. This is an all show long problem and I'm not on the console so I'll push the fader down.
As for power compression I think I've experienced this situation 1-2 times and I want to ask you after what point driving those amps and for how long I might have power compression on my speakers with these values on the limiters? How exactly is power compression connected to limit values?

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19 April 2014 - 11:25 AM

Obviously I missexplained something. When I'm referring to a compressor I don't mean I'll compress the peaks. I'll have it set up the way you suggest set up limiters (slow attack, slow release) so I'll have pretty much the same result "Headroom". Only in this case I don't need to carry my PC with me to make a change, or change presets on every amp. I just set up a compressor correctly on the digital console's master out or even bypass it on the fly.
As for headroom sometimes where I come from no one cares about. They just want more SPL,  volume, noise how can I say it they just want MORE..
And what can I give them? Peak power or continuous power?
As for the pour technique vocals it is a very common thing but how is this going to be solved with this kind of limiters? Yes a compressor on his channel is a good thing but if you have to push his voice upper than  everything else and please don't ask why  then your limiters will engage and push everything down..There we go again not enough SPL..plus audible limiting. Tough situation but not uncommon.
I decided to have that extra 6db of vocals average and push a bit more my speakers so I won't hear complaints after show.
What would u do?

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18 April 2014 - 07:34 PM

Well, what I want is to prevent my speakers from damaging, and have all the available RMS and PEAK power I can. I don't want my limiters predefine headroom. That's the sound guy's job. If I want headroom I'll put in the chain a compressor and get done with it. This is my point of view, it may not be perfect but it is worth it f.e when you need more SPL but you don't have more speakers  . So what if I have 12db of headroom or more? I don't want it, I want my system play loud enough for everyone to be satisfied and I get payed as promised.

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17 April 2014 - 05:18 PM

Exactly. I have read that topic but this numbers don't work for me.

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17 April 2014 - 12:09 PM

Thanx man. You are the best.. I didn't try the presets cause I didn't know what to expect,  but it's my next move. What do yo think about itech's limiters? I have mine set at 145V 1200W for the 725 mids  and 160 V 1600W for the 728 plus the peak limiter enabled on both 6000 and 8000. No need for extra headroom besides that 6db of the speakers. What I want is the system to limit just before distortion if none in the signal chain of course..