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In Topic: XLS 2000, need to boost volume

18 June 2013 - 04:40 PM

Get your guitar tech off his *beep* n tell him to put his AC voltmeter on the output of the EQ right at the amp input as you play so he can get an average level.This is REALLY where EQ belongs.I don't like the EQ loop deal.Usually too much noise!!Whatever you get here will determine how hard you are hitting the amp.If there is over 2.0Vac of signal and the amp will do full with this or close to it then ur o.k. If there is considerably more than you are considerably more O.K.If there is considerably less than ur not O.K. !!A gain stage(notice,I did not say pre-amp) may be required for you.Remember,The Nova is just a Stomp box,no matter how sophisticated,it's still a stomp box.You may need to be a little more exacting in the system you gig with.No diss to you meant,I love to mix good musicians and you are probably of a caliber that needs to be more demanding of the equipment!!There are quite a few good guitar pre's made and that may be a route you have to take.