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XTI 4002 limiter setting

26 July 2013 - 04:20 PM

I am never really sure where to set my limiters and was hoping I could get some help?????.

I have been using my XTI4002 in stereo for my 2 SRX 715s. I'd like to have the option of using the amp bridged into 4 ohms on occasion when I need just a little more headroom (this has only happened once -we play small venues).
I use a DRPA also. What limiter settings should I use to protect my speakers increasing from 650w per side to 1600w per side (in theory)?

2 x XLS2000 (bridged) - SRX718
1 x XTI 4002   - SRX715 (mid)
1 x Carvin HT760 - SRX715 (horns)

Thank you in advance !!!!