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XTI4000 Phase reversal

29 August 2014 - 09:01 AM

Hello everyone,
I'm going to try this again. I have 2 xti4000 amps mono bridged each one running a 4ohm double 18 bass bin. One xti2000 to the tops in stereo. The system sounds great with one sub amp on, if you add the second one in it sounds great but only sometimes. It could play all day and sound great or just seconds into a song the bass will drop out and only when the second sub amp is on. I can go into the band manager and go the xover for either sub amp and change the polarity and the bass instantly comes back but it will go away randomly and you can either wait or use the polarity button to get it back. This system is used only for home use listening to prerecorded music. I have bypassed al DSP on the amps and it does not help. I have tied y cables  on the xlr input instead of feeding it from the other amp. I have tried many input sources but nothing has helped. I know everything is wired correctly as it works fine for a random amount of time and the amps are always cool to the touch. I'm about ready to give up on Crown amps. This is the first time I have fired up this system In years because it so frustrating to be listening to music then you sometimes have no bass. Can someone help me or give me some ideas on how to solve this issue.