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Firmware file for XTi1002 amplifier

29 December 2014 - 04:23 PM

Hello everyone,

Here i'm again! Does anybody have a firmware file (HEX file) for the Crown XTi1002 amplifier? Have one from a friend with defective LPC controller. Hope anybody can help! Thanx!

Crown K2 runs very hot. Is this normal?

16 September 2014 - 03:16 PM

For a friend of mine i just repaired his Crown K2 amplifier.

Both output PWA's and the main PWA had several problems.

On the main PWA T1 was defective (short winding), some of the LM361 comparators where faulty and the 4 25v/100uf caps (near T1) where faulty.

The output PWA's had several components defective, like the FET driver and the optocouplers  Also at one side the isolator sheet had a small hole and the heatsink was short to chassis.

Resolve all problems and the amp is worked back again! But both channels are run very very hot when channels are been active. Even without load you burn your hand
after one hour. Is this normal? I never had an K serie amplifier on my workbench.
When disconnecting audio signal (or simply turn the gain pots at front back) the channels getting inactive and cool down. So this works like it should be.
Hope anybody with K2 experience can answer my question.