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Loud 'bang' heardible from channel A when turning on XTi4000

11 July 2014 - 05:05 AM

I have a problem with a XTi4000 amplifier from a friend.

When turned on the power, a loud 'bang' is audible from the speaker at channel A. For the rest it works fine. Channel B seems to work fine.

I have the same problem with a CDi4000 amplifier, this has this problem at channel B.
I opened a year ago a topic here on this forum but due to lack of time i never found out whats wrong with it.

It looks like the power supply is running fine. When turned on the amplifier one power supply rail (measured at the front heatsinks)
is low (around 28 volts) and the other rail (measered at the back heatsinks) is high (around 90 volts) but when the amplifier is getting
into the 'ready' mode this rail also dropped into low mode. I seen this beheavior at other XTi amplifiers so i think this is ok. Just to
find out if the tracker modules where OK.

When you shut down the amplifier and immidiatly switch it back on there is no 'bang' at channel A. When you shut down the amplifier, wait
until the voltage accross the 2 rails (measured at the heatsinks) is dropped until 3 volts and then switched on the power amp then the
'bang' is preset again at channel A.

I allready disconnect the front panel PCB, but this doesn't affect the problem.

Can anybody help me?

Where to buy Crown audio parts for Holland?

18 June 2014 - 01:26 PM

Hello Crown audio folks,

I have a question and hope some one can help me.For my crown amps (several XTi and CDi models) i need parts.

I contacted AudioXL in Belgium but this is not an option (anymore). I have tried several times to email and call but they are so slow (it took a month only to get pricing information and i recieve it only from some parts) i don't have the faith in it anymore. At this time they don't even communicate anymore with me! I need the amplifiers very soon.

Does anybody know a second address for buying crown amp parts?