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Problemen with CDi4000 / service manual

12 May 2013 - 02:36 PM

Hello everybody on this forum,
I've got a question about my Crown CDi4000 power amplifier.
I used it for a long time without any problems (also applies to my
CTs and XTi amplifiers) i found a (small?) problem during last gig.
When i switched on the CDi4000 amplifier, channel B produces a
"thick/bang" sound. It looks like the same sound at the moment the
"Ready" leds lights up. I found out when i used a longer speaker
cable this sound will go louder.
Also when i started the amplifier in mute status (so the ready LEDS
will not light up) this sound is present, but still only at channel B.
Does anybody have an idea where to look out for? It looks like a BIAS
problem for channel B? Normally the BIAS current switched on the power
amplifier after a couple of seconds (when the Ready LED lights up) but
i thinks its starts immidiatly after powering on the amplifier.
Can i get a service manual of this amplifier?
Thank you!