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In Topic: Strange Fault On A Crown K1.

02 July 2015 - 03:49 PM

Looks like the gain potmeter has been dirty or defective. I have seen other K amps with this problem and the only solution was to replace them. My advice: replace them both, so they are both worked fine for a long time. I think also there could be a problem with the ULOL adjustment. If you know what your doing you can do it by yourself. If not, please send the K1 to a Crown service centre.

In Topic: Upgrading XTI 2000 to 4000

30 June 2015 - 03:31 PM

As far as i know the power supplies are the same for the XTi2k and 4k. But there are several resistors that needs to be replaced. I have tried to do this also, but it's tricky and not effort when you compare the pricings of the 2 amplifiers. For the finishing touch you need also replace the front (for the typenumber).

So my advice: if you want more power, sell your XTi2k and buy a XTi4k.

In Topic: Strange Fault On A Crown K1.

30 June 2015 - 03:26 PM

Does the gain knob work fine in stereo mode?

I looks like on channel heats up to much. This could be a problem with the standby circuit or the idle adjustment/control of that channel.

In Topic: Crown XTI 2000 not booting

11 June 2015 - 04:52 AM

In case of a corrupted software and the USB interface isn't initialized, you need to connect the LPC controller to your
PC with an RS232 transciever board. You can buy them very cheap on Ebay. At the front of the mainboard you can find 4
connections. Some boards are provided with pin headers, some not. In that case you can remove the mainboard and add pin headers.
If you want, you can connect the wires of the RS232 transciever board to these pinheaders. If you are skilled, you can solder
the wires directly on the mainboard, but be carefull not touch the electrolityc capacator (the one near the connector) with
your soldering tip.
The other side (the rs232 side) you can connect to your RS232 port on your computer, or use (just like i do) an USB to
RS232 converter. I use a no-name converter with Prolific chipset. When you make the connection, just download the Philips
LPC flash tool, called Flash Magic. You need to setup this program first (i do have the settings, if you need i can give
it to you). You need to have the HEX file that you can flash into the LPC. You can ask it at the technical department from
Crown. If you want i can also send it to you, in that case you can contact me.
When you have all the preparations done, you need to connect TP5 with TP17 on the mainboard (these TP connectors are located
near the LPC chip on the mainboard). You can connect it with a wire. When you connect it, powerup the amplifier. When it's
on, you can remove the connection.
Than you can test if you have a connection with the Flash Magic tool, just to read out the digital signature.
When you have connection, you can re-flash the HEX file into the LPC (this can take couple of minutes, after
flashing the Flash Magic tool verifies if it has flashed correctly).
When done, just power down the amp, remove all the connections and fire it up again.

In Topic: xti faulty series check

05 June 2015 - 06:28 PM

I think the only way to find out what the 'problem serials' are sending an email to Crown Support.

If you have a amplifier that shows problems you can remove the cover to see if you have an earlier XTi model.
Usually you can see this at the powersupply pins that connects the heatsink to the PCB. Another way is to look
at the number/ribbon cable af the front. If it ends with a 4 or 5 you do not have a ampifier with initial bugs.
Some mainboards have a sticker near one of the XLR input connectors. It shows the sofware version, also the PWA
number so you can find out if the mainboard is one with problems.

At the back on the sticker with the serial number there must be a building date, i believe the 'bad one's' are before 2006?