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In Topic: XLS or XTi for hi-fi use?

26 July 2016 - 08:47 AM


I would go with XLS instead of XTi. The XTi is more for sound reinforcement and you will have more "ppssshhhhhh" sound from the tweeter with XTi. The XLS is perfect for hifi use. But, I am using a MA5000i in my hifi system and there is no "ppssshhhhhh" sound. :)

In Topic: XLS Series 2 Amp Trigger / Sleep Connection?

30 April 2016 - 12:48 AM


I have Crown DCi 2/600N and also have this feature. In this amp the sleep mode is controlled via System Architect. Don't now if it is the same for XLS 2502 amp via menu display.

On my pre amp I have power control cable of type mini jack 3,5mm. With this cable I connect it to my amp(AUX) and when I turn ON from Output 1 on my preamp the Crown turns ON as well. When I have my Crown ON and no signal present then the amplifier goes into Sleep Mode, adjusted for 1 hour via System Architect. In this case the Amplifer does not turn OFF, the voltage rails inside the amp turns OFF. Only when I turn ON/OFF from my preamp the Amplifer does the same(like if the ON/OFF push button from front panel is used)

It was a little bit tricky at first to make it work, I think I had my Crown in OFF position and then connected the minijack cable to turn it ON and from there it worked via my preamplifer ON/OFF. If my memory serves me right.