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Best Amp for JBL SRX218S Subs - Please help

22 November 2014 - 01:21 AM

Hi all

Just purchased a pair of JBL SR218S subs and was wondering what the concensus was for the best amplifier. I currently have a XTI 6002 for the subs.  This is rated for 2100 watts into 4 ohms per channel.  Is this a good combination or should I consider another alternative.

I currently use a XTI 4002 on mids (XTI 2002 horns) and could move the XTI6002 to mids and buy another XTI 4002 (3,200 watts/channel) or even buy another XTI 6002 (6,000 watts/channel) and bridge.

Any ideas from experience would be appreciated.