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D150: Mono?

30 December 2014 - 09:24 PM

Hi all….

I have a first model D150 [upright - no faceplate version].
For ages, I've been using it as a Sub Woofer amp, just using a JBL B380 with the associated 'active' JBL BX63A crossover.

The BX63A has two outputs on the back. One 'normal', and one 'inverted'.

Up 'till now, I just used the BX63A to 'bridge the amp by connecting the 'normal' out to the Left channel input, and the 'inverted' out to the Right channel input, and connected the sub to the two Red terminals on the D150.
This has worked with no ill effects.

Recently I mentioned it to tech savvy friend of mine, and he says that it won't work, and it will blow my amp up.
…. but it does work, and has now for at least two years.

Can someone with more knowledge on the subject tell me what should or shouldn't I be doing please?

I hope I've explained myself clearly?

Cheers [and the happiest of New Year's] to all….  ;)