is this possible?

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#1 jamesw123

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Posted 22 March 2006 - 06:38 PM

ok hears what I'm working with:
  4, 8ohm 400w rms speakers.

My amp is rated at:
  700w+700w 8ohm/stereo
  950w+950w 4ohm/stereo
  1600w+1600w 2ohm/stereo
  1900w 8ohm/bridged
  3200w 4ohm/bridged.

Now if I hook these up 2 in parallel on each side I should have an amp that is 1280w-2000w at 4ohm. Is this right?

Is it possible to hook two of these up in series on each side=16ohms by 16ohms. Then paralleling them so its back to 8ohms. Then hooking all that to my amp bridged for 1900w?
        ! PLEASE !
Help me find the best way to hook up my speakers
  Is this amp even sufficiant for 4 of these speakers?
       It should be ok for two of them right?

#2 DGlass



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Posted 23 March 2006 - 02:27 PM

Let's see...

(2) 400 watts rms speakers per side would be an 800 watt rms load. So yes you would be looking for an amp that can do about 1600 watts/ 4-ohms in the power range of 1280-2000 watts. The amp you have would be a bit small at its 950 watts per channel rating.

Hooking the speakers up in series-parallel would give you a 3200 watt 8-ohm load and the amp would still be on the small side providing only 1900 watts Bridge-Mono/8-ohms when you should be looking in the range of 2560 to 4000 watts Bridge-Mono output at 8-ohms.