Crown Comtech CT8150 - output filter and faceplate question

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Posted 11 November 2012 - 11:21 PM

I have two questions about the CT8150.

First, and this may apply to Drivecores generally, what's the output impedance? I'm worried about amp-speaker interactions, because the speakers I'd be using don't have the flattest impedance curve, but rather one substantially similar to this:
Posted Image

Second, is there anything under the faceplate? That is to say, could the part with the rack-ears be removed, with something still under it? My cabinet can't fit a 19" wide component. Alternately, is the Lexicon DD-8 faceplate available for purchase and a bolt-on replacement?

(Why not just get the Lexicon variant? Honestly, my DSP - minIDSP 8x8 - has Phoenix-terminal outputs, so I could just screw 8 lengths of Belden 9154 into each box's terminals. I'd prefer balanced over RCA.)