What is sampling rate, bitwidth & latency of USP3/CN & 8810?

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Posted 09 April 2007 - 10:58 AM

Hi There,

What is sampling rate, bitwidth & latency of USP3/CN & 8810?

I believe those parameters are fixed on the Crown devices.  And if that's the case,  then I presume the settings need to be the same on the MY16-N cards (in a Yamaha PM5D) and the Whirlwind e-snake.

Would they even communicate if they were not set the same?


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Posted 09 April 2007 - 12:44 PM

In a CobraNet system all devices need to be set to the same CobraNet Latency or they will not communicate. Devices using the new higher speed CN chip usually have the option of 1.33, 2.66 and 5.33 ms. Since both the USP-3CN and the PS-8810C use the original Cobranet CM-1 module that has a fixed 5.33ms latency the Yamaha, which uses the newer CN chip, would have to be set to 5.33ms as well or the it will not talk to the PIPs or the PS-8810C. I am not sure about the Whirlwind snake but it should be set the same CN latency if it is going to be part of the CN system.

Bandwidth on both the USP-3 and the PS-8810 is 20Hz to 20 Khz.