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Posted 13 July 2006 - 10:40 AM

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I also just purchased a new XLS 402D on Ebay and installed it in my system, only to find that I have the problem with the loud thump on shutoff as well.  Please let me know if and how this problem has been resolved[I].  I am tech savy enough to install a new relay if need be myself if given the part and instructions; BUT I am concerned about having to return this to the deal since I bought this on Ebay.  Sending the new unit in for factory repair will be a huge pain in the *beep*.
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I just got a NEW 402D, through my dealer,in cooperation with Mr. David Glass from CROWN. I just tried it out. Here's what it is doing. If I power down, with the gain up in the 9 o'clock position, I get the thump. If I turn the gain all the way OFF, or down, I am not getting any thump at all. My previous problematic unit was giving me the thump no matter where the gain was. Up,down, it was always thumping. This NEW unit seems to be ok so far. I haven't had a chance to really push some signal through it yet. I guess that will be the test.If you have concerns about your unit, don't hesitate to call Mr. Glass and talk with him. He is very helpful! You could also check on Crown's main website for a service center near you. That may be an option. If you do take it to a service center, be sure to print out this entire dialog and show it to them. The more information that they have about the problem, the easier it will be for them to diagnose the problem. It kind of appears that there may be some kind of issue with either the design of this amp, or the internal components. I'll post any more "findings" on this new unit as soon as I put it through a "real world" test this weekend.
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Wow this really worries me as I have been talking to crown support and they have told me that this problem was limited to only the first couple of hundred amps that were shipped. When I turn down my gains there is no thump but with the gains turned up I do get a thump. I'm running 3 402D's with one 402B in my home theater. The 402B does not have this problem at all as I can shut  it off with the gains turned up with no thump. Can someone at Crown please let me know if this problem can be fixed (Turning off the amp with the gains turned up and not getting a thud in the speakers) or is it just the way it is. I don't mine sending out the 402D's for repair/replacement if it indeed can be fixed.
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This is very interesting information. You got more info than I could ever get! I did a little experiment with my other power amps to see how they operated on power shutdown. An OLD JBL, an OLDER Peavey, and a piece of junk Gem ($99) all were tested on shutdown, WITH GAINS AT FULL VOLUME, and not one noise out of all of them. It appears that there MUST be a design problem in all of these amps that pop on shutdown. My NEW REPLACEMENT DOES IT AGAIN. I think Crown should stand behind this faulty issue and fix it right. I guess I can live with turning the gains down prior to shutdown, which I already do anyway. At this point, it's a matter of a company standing behind their product. I don't really know if they are at this point. Funny thing... as I was leaving my dealer, my associate said," You should have bought a Q _ C "! I think he was right!!!!!

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Posted 14 July 2006 - 01:22 PM

Puck and Johnnybon,

The XLS line has been a very solid line for us here at Crown.
Crown has always and will always stand by our products.  Example of this we have one of the best warranties of any product in the Professional Audio industry a “No-Fault Full Three Year Warranty” were in the US we also will cover shipping to and from the factory during the warranty period.
As both of you have already been dealing with Crown Technical Support directly we will be contacting you shortly to continue with resolving your issues.