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ITech Gain Structure

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To all,

If I'm correct, ITech's have three gain settings, along with the 'Analog Input Range'

They are --

1. Analog (or Digital) Input Fader

2. Output Attenuator

3. Bandpass Gain (available in the 'preset editor')

First, what's a description of each, ie what domain, MDAC, DSP, etc?

Secondly, assuming I'm driving the amp with something that can output +24 or more, what is the best place to get gain, input fader or bandpass gain?

To the US members, have a good Memorial Day weekend.


Greg Longtin

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1. Analog/Digital Input Fader: Use this slider to control the input level of the incoming signal. Input Gain (-100 to +20 dB)

2. Output Attenuator: This value refers to the final output attenuation just before going to be amplified and may be adjusted from -100 to 0 dB attenuation.

3. Band Pass Gain: The output level control allows for you to control the amount of gain that is applied post equalization in the Speaker Processing Block. This control is recommended to be used for adjusting the level between different drivers in a multi-way speaker system. It can also be used for adding makeup gain for that lost by filters.

All three controls are in the digital domain residing after the input A-D converter and before the D-A converter.


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