Will the XLS602 be ok for Mackie c300 speakers

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sonika    0

Hi guys,

I'm pretty sure I already know the answer to this question, as I read some of the earlier posts and did some of the calculatios that were mentioned, but I wanted to get some advice to make sure I'm on the right track.

At the moment I've got an XLS602 amp and I just bought some Mackie C300 speakers and I'm wondering whether the 602 will be suitable or whether I should upgrade to an 802 or something.

Brief background, the speakers specs, off the speakers themselves are;

8 Ohm

300W RMS

500W Music

750W Peak

The XLS602 is rated at

380w 8 Ohm per channel stereo

600w 4 Ohm per channel stereo

1200w 8 Ohm bridged mono

I'll end up using it for quite a few different styles of music but I mainly need the volume for dance music (to use a catchword that covers most of that style and everyone knows ;-)

Hopefully that's all the info you need and I haven't left out anything important but if I have just ask.



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DGlass    0

From the speaker spec provided I would use the 500 watt number as the 8-ohm amplifier power desired. Then using the .8/1/25 guidelines we can see that you would be looking for an amplifier in the power range of 400 to 625 watts. The XLS602 would work but would be a little shy of headroom for peaks in the audio source.

I would recommend either the CE2000 (400w/8-ohm) or XS500(400w/8-ohm) as a minimum, for some headroom. You may also want to consider the XS700 (450w/8-ohms) or the new XLS802 (500w/8-ohms) and XTi2000 ( 475w/8-ohms) which will be available in March. :)

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