Exclamation point on ITech 4000

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Pduff315    0

I have 2 I-Tech 4000 side by side. 1 of them has an exclamation point between the bars on the LCD. The book tells me to look in the error page of the amp but I can't find anything. What else should I try and what does it mean?

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DGlass    0

The “!” indicates that the amplifier error reporting detected errors at some time on the amp. These errors will remain stored in the amp until removed. This is new in the 1.301 firmware to visually let you know the amplifier has logged these errors. This error indication can be removed by clearing the errors from the front panel menu. There is however a small bug, the clear function for thermal error and for clip errors are revered. You clear clip errors from the thermal screen, and you clear clip errors from the thermal screen. This bug is being fixed in the firmware.

To clear an error:

* Hit the "Menu" button.

* Hit the "Prev" button. This will take you to the Monitor Menu page.

* Depress one of the Encoders (level control knobs). This will enter you into the Monitor Menus.

* Use the "Next" button to step up to either the Thermal or Clip Error windows.

*To clear the Error Count depress and release an Encoder. The display will prompt you to confirm your choice by pressing and holding the Encoder.


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