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The following applies to a networked installation of 300+ CTS amplifiers.

We have a design file which was written to control CTS amplifiers with V1.1 PipLite cards. We have had about 10 replacement PipLite cards for failed items, however these cards have been supplied as PipLite V1.2. Given that there are numerous (25+) control objects per card in the design file, can you advise if there is a way to globally update these objects without having to re-write the software?!

You assistance in this matter is very much appreciated.

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Updating the V1.2 PipLite cards with firmware V1.1 solved this problem. Shame about the lack of helpful posts in a week though!

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My apologies that no one got to this question right away. We have had people out of Tech Support and sometimes when people are out between the added phone call load and direct emails we cannot get to everyone right away and can only do what we can do.

As per the Forum Guidelines:

"Participation on the forum by Crown staff is offered as a supplement to Crown telephone and email technical support. Most questions for Crown staff posted on the forum are answered with a reply post within 1 to 2 business days, sooner when possible. Crown makes no guarantee as to when questions will be answered via the forum by Crown staff. If you require an immediate answer to a support-related question, it is recommended that you contact Crown technical support directly. Crown staff may answer questions via direct contact either by telephone or email instead of reply post at their discretion and as appropriate."

There is a way to update a .wiq Dataframe File made with devices using older firmware.

Update the software to the most current version and perform the following procedure.


1)Open the latest version of the IQ software.

2)Start and Engage the original Dataframe file.

3)Close the big IQ window containing the Dataframe file leaving the IQ software’s menu bar open.

4)Wait 40 – 45 seconds. During this time the software will poll the devices for their device information.

5)Open the Dataframe file using the IQ menu bar’s File|Open commands

6)At the software prompt to Engage the file “Yes or No” select NO. This will cause the settings of the devices to be loaded into the file.

7)Save the file with a new name.

8)Close the software

9)Restart the software and open the file. The newer firmware device(s) should now be registered in the Dataframe file and the file should work with the newer software version.

10)Verify firmware version on the device’s “General” Control Page.

11)Check settings.


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