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i have a chance to puchase two used crown amps . first is a crown d150 second is a xs900 the music store wants 325 for the xs and 125 for the d150. is that a good price , and whats the wattage , also how is the overall peformance of these amps..

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Both the XS900 and the D150 are great amplifiers. Depending on the model the last D150 (the D150AsII) was discontinued about 1997. The XS900 is still a current production model.

The Power rating for the D150 were:

95watts/ch 8-ohms

155 watts/ch 4-ohms

315 watts/ch 8-ohms Bridge-Mono

Then Xs900 is rated for:

600 watts/ch 8-ohms

900 watts/ch 4-ohms

1200 watts/ch 2-ohms

2100 watts 8-ohms Bridge-Mono

2500 watts 4-ohms Bridge-Mono

Further information on the D-150 is available from the discontinued products section of our website at:

Information on the Xs900 is available from our website at:

As for used pricing we can't help with that. You might want to check Ebay as I occasionally do see a D150 show up there there. The D150AsII listed for $1,025.00 in 1997 and the Xs900 lists for $1,495.00

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