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hi i had a macro tech 2400 at my house for a week in 2002 and i could swear the power out put was like 700 or 750 watts into 8 ohms. now most i see on e bay are 520 watts into 8 ohms i think. and i thought i saw this higher wattage 2400 on ebb as well but only once. so i was wondering is there 2 different power out puts for this model say early model or whatever. just curious thanks buy the way that amp was like nothing i had ever heard before it was a chest thumper killer product. also could you give me the best or a proper crown amp for my speakers i am a drummer i use roland tad20s vdrums

and the speakers are yamaha s 215v vclub series specs are

4 ohm each

S215V 15" (2) 2" titanium 42Z-

16cz 500/1000/2000 99dab 132dab 20x46x24 101.0

( i am sorry for this post being in the wrong section so i moved it were it belongs it wont happen again)

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The power specifications change based on the load, but there is not change between a MA2402 and MA2400.

2400 and 2402 were always rated at 520wpc@8ohms, and 800wpc@4ohms@1kHz!

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