corwn xti 4002 display seems low line

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Would be helpful if you can elaborate on what's "low line in the display", post a picture is preferable.

You can go to and upload it there and post the link you get.


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I know of two reasons why there would be a LOW LINE message :

  • low AC input voltage : If the voltage goes below a certain threshold (-10% of max);
  • low rail voltages : If the output section rail voltages go below a certain threshold.

In the first case, there is nothing to do except perhaps, use a power conditionner. In the second case, there may be an output fault causing the rail voltage to go down. This can be caused by a malfunction of the Cequel Tracker module (rail level changer).

To test, use a reliable power source. If the LOW LINE appears after power up, with no loads applied, then verify the AC voltage and confirm that the voltage is too low.

If the AC voltage is normal, and LOW LINE doesn't appear, then load the amp and pass some signal. If the LOW LINE now appears, then you may have an output or smps fault.

Verify the output rails : Both negative and positive rails (at the heatsinks) should be at the same voltage. Normally, with no signal applied, the rail voltages should be near +/- 30V. When the rails conduct in high power mode, the voltage can reach 120V!

Hope this helps!


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