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Itech 8000 clip

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I have a problem with crown itech 8000 amplifier.

Channel 1 is on red clip and it sends a weird sound to the speaker

and then channel protects it again

What`s the cost of the card with shipping to mexico?

I called the countries technic center but they donĀ“t give

me answer to this i appreciate your quick response.


thank you

greetings from Mexico

Mr. Jorge Guerrero

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Hello Jorge,

What you have circled in the above shared image, are the Front-End cards. Through the years, the ITech BCA modules and accessory cards have had their share of updates and designs. Since you don't mention the p/n of the FE card it is perhaps difficult to estimate the cost of a new or compatible card.

I would also suggest to get in touch with the US Crown service center. For questions related to service turn around times and flat rate fees you can E-mail: mailto: or call 800-342-6939.


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