How do you reset an I-tech to factory Defaults?

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I inadvertantly screwed up and assigned a subnet mask of all 255's ( and applied it. Now my I-tech won't list in IQ utility at all. What is worse is that all functionality is locked out on the front panel! I can't even use the amp at all since it won't even turn on!

How do I reset the amp to factory defaults? I've scoured the manual and this forum to no avail. Please don't tell me I have to open the amp up and pull a battery or something.. HELP!! <_<

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I can't duplicate the issue here with the current release I-Tech firmware 1.301 and IQwic 7.02a. The software will not allow the install of an all 255 Subnet Mask.

Do you remember what version of firmware the I-Tech has?

What IP address did you give the amplifier?

Also what version of software is running on the computer?

The "default reset" will reset everything but the IP and Subnet Mask so that is not goin to help.

When you say the amp won't turn on do you mean it will not power up or after it powers up you can't do anything?

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I contacted Crown tech support via phone and resolved this issue. Thanks you guys for your excellent Tech Support! This has to be the fastest RMA on record!

Thanks Again



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