BandManager vs System Arch wrt XTi output EQ displays

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So...looking at output eq display for XTI2k / 4k on System Architect and window shows red and blue tabs for right and left channels. I can toggel back and forth between channels and whole graph display changes red / blue. Cool.

But...in BandManager - there is no red tab, only blue. I can not toggel with tabs, only "show both channels" button. Can't show just left or just right. Also no color change. Very confusing to see what channel I'm on. Red / blue - left / right on all other features works, just not output eq.

Is this normal?

(yes, latest firmware and BM / SA version. yes same on 3 different XTi amps.)

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Sorry, I don't have an XTi currently to validate what you're seeing.


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