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XLS 402D Smoked Speakers & Dead

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Alright All -

I have a XLS 402 D, purchased new in 2010 (Still under warranty) That is exhibiting some odd behavior. The thing is dead for sure, but thought I would post here to see if anyone had any input.

When the amp was turned on, and sent a signal, it immediately started making the clubs JBL JRX 125's smoke. Seeing this right away, the operator (not myself) immediately pulled the connectors out of the speakers and shut down the amp.

Now, if my understanding is correct, the XLS 402 sent straight DC into the speaker, cooking it (thus the smoke). Upon my arrival (after getting a frantic phone call) I disconnected the speaker leads at the amp end, fired it up and fed it a signal.

The signal indicators lit up & flickered constantly, the peak indicators lights blinked on occasion, but I noticed the power indicator was not illuminated. After I stopped sending signal to the amp I noticed that the signal indicators were still flickering, but were very dim.

I checked the breaker on the amp and the power source. Nowhere in the manual does it state what it means when the LED's behave in this manner.

I know I am gonna have to send the thing in for repair or replacement, but I am just curious as to what might be going on here...

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