Crown XTI2000 no temperature readout

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Hello everybody,

I´ve got 3 Crown XTI2000 amplifiers. One of them has an problem with the temperature readout. In System Architect and on the display the temperature for both channels and the power supply stays 0 degrees. Has anyone an idea where to looking for?

Kind regards,

John Martens

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Kevin Heber    0

The 2006-built units generally require replacement of the display board. This would probably take care of the problem. Please send me your serial # and shipping address - - thanks.

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Hello Kevin,

First of all, sorry for bad english. I write this reply with help of an dictionary, so if you don't understand please let me


The display PCB has been replaced a couple of months ago. It was replaced with an revision 5 PCB because the original board had some problems with the ribbon cable.

I think i found the problem with the temp readings, but i'm not sure. I'm very skilled with analog audio and analog components and repairs. Digital components and software/firmware are a new world for me :)

The microcontroller U1 (LPC2142) sends clock signal(s) over the same bus to the LM75BIM sensors. The LM75 sensors sending the temperature data back over the same bus to the LPC2142 processor. I found out that the clock signal "pin" shorted to ground IN the LPC2142. Even with this pin soldered from the PCB i measure 3 Ohms with the ground. It don't make any changes if the power amp is on or off. I think the LPC2142 is defective, is this correct?

If so, i have tools to replace the LPC2142, thats not a problem. But i assume the new LPC2142 needs to be programmed? Is this possible with the USB port and my computer with C-loader? Thank you!

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