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this month my company boat 7 amp crown like this: 2 XTi and 5 I-Tech ok for now

but in the hour info for each amp. said 1000 hour and the max for one was 1300 hour !unbelieve!

this amp are new ................. our customer are angry and he need "to cut heads"

so for now i need to send this info with the serial number of each amp and make this real for the dealer

because he don`t believe me

can you help me?????


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Please send me the model and serial numbers of the amps in question, either by email or sending me a personel message through the forum, and I will look into it .

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All the units you listed in your email are IT8000C units the “C” designates they are “Category” units. We refer to refurbished units as "Category” units. These are units that have gone out to trade shows, demos or are units that have been return for one reason or another. They are gone through, checked out upgraded and serviced if needed. Since the box was opened on these units they cannot be sold as new. We offer these units at a discounted price to our dealers who can then sell them at discounted prices to their customers. These units are fully tested and factory certified with the same three year warranty as new units. The run hour clock can not be reset as this would be illegal just like resetting the odometer on a car.

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