Two PS8810- digital control 1st in/ 2nd out

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I have the problem that a logical "high" (e. g. +5 V) on PS 8810#1 Control Port Digital Input 1 should cause the digital output 1 of PS 8810 #2 to go "high".

Had someone the same problem and could tell me some solution?


Gerhard Plume, Munich


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Hi Mr. Plume,

in general, the PS8810 is no IQ Controller, that means, it is only possible to control functions inside a single PS8810 by the local control port.

There are two possible solutions which I know to solve your problem:

1) with a dummy signal

If the control port at the PS8810 #1 goes high, then the dummy signal will be routed by CobraNet to PS8810 #2. A Noise Gate in the PS8810 #2 will go off and this will be diplayed at the control port.

2) you could contact me in Heilbronn. :)

Best Regards,

Audio Pro Heilbronn

Dirk Hartmann :)

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