PS-400 Signal Presence LED Stuck On

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The green signal presence LED for Channel 2, which used to blink on and off in rhythm with the input level, is now always on. The LED for Channel 1 is functioning as normal. I am using the amp in Bridged Mono with an 8 ohm load. (subwoofer)

The amp seems to be functioning normally. I switched to Stereo Mode and tested each channel independently and everything sounds fine. Even in Stereo Mode though, the Green Signal Presence LED for Channel 2 remained lit constantly no matter which channel was in use and no matter what level of input the amp was presented with.

Please help....this is driving me crazy. I love this amp and I want it to work correctly.

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I'd check Q228 on the display board. Its probably shorted. And while you're in there, check Q227 and Q226 also.

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