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  1. I have seen 1n270 used instead of 1n4148 on crowns. i will have a look at my service updates tonight.
  2. I know you are working on the d75. Its a mod on the ioc circuit that was also done on early / mid dc300a. have a look on dc300a schematics, its gone from my mind but i know its a mod on all ioc circuits, sorry i cant help any more, my head isnt working today!
  3. Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone has had success with a replacement for C5869? (dc300a T03 driver). crown state its a 2sd555s. Has anyone found a more modern equivalent? Thank you
  4. To be honest im not sure about the 62085. 2n3773 are usually ok, the trouble these days are finding decent original genuine transistors, there are so many fakes about. use a reputable supplier farnell rs comps etc etc
  5. Hows it going?
  6. dont waste ordering crown transistors for this repair, 2n3637 were fitted to later dc300a mkII they will be fine for your amp. From crown parts list: D 2923-7 SERF XSISTOR, 2N3637 175V PNP
  7. i dont think you will find info about the ss7304. The 2n4929 and 2n3637 were used in later models and i would say they will be fine.
  8. Hi guys, crown / amcron psa2 amp wanted for spare parts. Must be in the united kingdom. Thank you in advance
  9. hello, Some dc300a amps had quite bad transformer hum, if the belly band around the tx is copper it shouldnt hum too bad, if its later aluminium band it will hum a lot more. Best to make sure the transformer pimary has been set to correct mains voltage for your country. You should have + / - 60v dc voltage rails inside the amplifier if the transformer primary has been configured correctly. Often the primaries were set wrong resulting in an overloaded transformer and a bit more buzz than there should be. good luck
  10. Good advice from mr joust! I would say the transistor you grounded with the front panel will be dead for sure. If you are really lucky you didnt kill the output transistors. Dont be too hard on yourself, i have worked on hundreds of dc300a's and done a similar stunt myself, those little round heatsink can get very close to the front panel very easily! we are all human and all make mistakes. Check the two corner transistors and the one thats almost between the two, no good me reeling off part numbers they could be any of dozens fitted over the years, check the resistors 82 and 820 resistors near lower edge of mainboard. Obviously look for smoke damage! good luck
  11. is the transformer set correctly for your line voltage? AND CHECK THE ACTUAL TRANSFORMER ISNT LOOSE IN THE CASE...........
  12. I made a grill last time, the alu stock should be widely available in the usa. cant help with the H heatsink sorry
  13. go with d40v2 if you can. (dont use anything like d40c1 or similar it has a lower voltage rating and is useless)
  14. what about the black electrolytic cap near c1?, (i take it c1 is the red cap?) i would change all the electrolytic caps. there are a couple of black electrolytic capacitors on the board that i can also see, they are vertically mounted with a silver top visable. in your pic they are top middle and bottom middle.
  15. check fan relay and resistor