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  1. Another option that is somewhat easier to configure (but less portable) is a tablet PC with wireless network access. In this case you can simply run IQWic under windows and adjust IQ system settings from anywhere. Obviously it's not quite so easy to put a tablet PC in your pocket... Also on the "cool gadget" topic - you can monitor I-Techs (or any IQNet component) across any standard IP network. We have already monitored I-Techs in Germany from our factory here in Elkhart! Marc
  2. To clarify a bit further: Average power limiters can be enabled or disabled from the front panel, but there is another setting some users may want to modify. The average power limiter calculates power based on a nominal impedance setting that is configured in IQWic. On the "load monitoring" tab, set the nominal impedance to match the connected load. The average power limiter will then limit based on this value. The peak voltage limiter can be fully configured from the front panel of I-Tech, and is another way to protect drivers when necessary. Marc