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  1. CDi volume level issues

    Went ahead and opened the case on all three CDi1000 amps. Pulled the ribbon cable and reseated. Seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks Darryl
  2. CDi volume level issues

    How will opening the case affect the Warranty?
  3. CDi volume level issues

    Can anyone tell me why all three of the CDi1000 amps in the rack power up rather consistenly but randomly with the input wide open even though the pots are set lower. The way to get them in line is to hit the front of the amp with my knuckle. Right now I've experienced a ramping up of volume and cutting in and out until I tap the front panel of the amp. I can also cause the pots to open and close by taping the front panels. Could all three have loose connectors or faulty pots? Anything else I should be looking at?