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  1. Yep. And that's the point. "Nothing" below 100Hz to the 12" satellites. The active sub has a selfcontained filter that sends only below 100Hz to its amp/speaker.
  2. Thanks I did set it up as you suggest. I just wondered if filters starting at the same freq would result in +xdB around that freq. But you say they don't. (as I read it) Best regards Kim
  3. Hi! I use my XTi-1000 for 2 satellites. (Tannoy 12") I have a Dynacord 18" active sub. Mixer out to Xti. X-over set up as "hipass". Xti lineout to feed the sub. The Dynacord sub specs says it has a lopass filter at 100Hz, 140Hz or 200Hz. With a 12dB/octave slope. I use the 100Hz setting. When setting up the crossover in the XTi, should I select the frequency to 100Hz as well, or must it be set higher to result in a correct resulting freq-curve? (Sorry for my english here) I asume I must choose a 12db/octave filtertype. Best regards Kim DK
  4. Bud says it!!!! I can tell you, that it seems to me that I can play louder with my XTi 1000 than I could with my Macrotech 1200, before my audience reacts "negatively". (I play keys/vox in smaller rooms for typically 30-100 guests. I use the XTi for two Tannoy 12" and have an active Dynacord 18" sub) I don't of course hear my own PA when I play, but when I set it up and check the sound, it sounds very warm and full to my ears. The audience-reaction seems to confirm that. I have wondered if maybe there is a difference between designing a highpower workhorse like the Macrotech and a smaller amp like the XTi 1000. Maybe the XTi is softer/warmer since it probably doesn't have to reach as far. My bottomline will be that the XTi is CERTAINLY NOT harsh. It may be too soft for stadiumconcerts,- I don't know. Best regards Kim DK
  5. I have replaced my Macrotech with an XTi 1000. I'm very happy with the sound, the DSP facilities and the lesser weight. Don't hesitate Kim DK
  6. You can justremove the plastic-things that are put in the holes. Take a little knife or something and take them out. Best regards Kim Europe
  7. Not exactly replying to what you answered, but still: I tried out my XTi-1000 as monitoramp in our studio. I find that it sounds great with hifi-material. Very clear and powerful.
  8. Thanks
  9. Hi! I have replaced my MacroTech 1200 with a XTi 1000. Questions about rackmounting: The MacroTech could not be mounted directly next to some of my other rackgear. A noise/hum would come up. Can the XTi be mounted next to any device without noise/hum appearing? Can the XTi be mounted vertically and still get the cooling it needs? Best regards Kim Holst DK
  10. There is a slider to control the amount of subsynth. You should download/install the System Architect software and see for yourself how capable it is. That will of course not give you the sound of the amp, but still be a hint as to what you can do with the DSP section. I didn't hear the subsynth as a kind of eq even at slider=0. It creates tonal elements. I suspect it to be more relevant in musical styles with VERY deep bass. With my "normal" 5-string bass it sounded to special to be on all the time in every style.
  11. I tried the subsynth as I set up my new XTi 1000 last week. I didn't go deep, but it sounded to me like the bass was doubled one octave below. Like if the bassplayer used an octave pedal or if I doubled a midibass-track one octave below at reduced volume. I have no idea as to how other similar evices function,- sorry Best regards Kim Holst DK
  12. On the screen (1 Crown XTi) where you have the "knobs" with eq, x-over, delay etc. doubleclick the ch-1 eq-button. Set ch-1 as desired. Go back to the (1 Crown XTi) screen. (close the detail screen) Press ch-1 eq-button once. (it now has a square/line around it) Press ctrl-c (copy). Press ch-2 eq-button once. (it now has a square/line around it) Press ctrl-v (paste). There it is!! The same copy/paste goes for the other DSP's. (You can also do it from the "edit" pulldown menu) // Be shure to select "independent" in x-over. Then you can set each channel to be as you like. For instance if you use the amp to drive two top-speakers or two subwoofers. In "crossover" you split the amp into a lo and a hi section internally. This is for biamping a 2-way speaker. Best regards Kim
  13. Cool - thanks If you press "Conversion table Q to N and N to Q for parametric filters" you get a pdf with a conversiontable. Thanks a lot Kim
  14. Hi! So I have my new XTi 1000. I'm using it to drive a set of Tannoy T-12's. I have the SystemControl settings from Tannoy (for their TDX-1). They have eq-settings containing freq, gain and bandwidth(BW). They define BW in octaves. As far as I can see the Crown System Architect doesn't refer BW to octaves. How do I translate System Architect BW to octaves? Thanks in advance Kim Holst DK