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  1. Id go with an Asley electronic crossover unit to add amps they come in 2,3,4 way configurations.
  2. You would not by any means be wasting your money purchacing the Macrotechs .I know a Crown Amp repairman at aP.A. rental company and these amps will take a licking and keep on ticking,absolutly NO DOUBT! They deliver the goods don't overheat and take abuse other amps would melt down with.I have a Micro-Tech-2400 wich are esentially the same chassis as the Macro-Tech except the gain controls are hidden in the rear of theamp instead of the front so that alone will save you a couple of bucks buying one of those. I simply love this amp if they get any simpler and better for the money somebody please tell me because I really dont think so!
  3. Crowns Reference Series looked interesting if money is no object, especially for home use;accuracy and transparancy being the main issue.
  4. Its been my experiece and my freinds at Buffalo Sound that the microtech -2400 will drive subs or even full range with an incredable damping factor (tight clean bass)of 1000! Most companies even Crown discontinue items because of cost of manufacture/weight for shipping purposes etc.This amp is built like a boring machine. We believe you'll love it