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  1. Bud, I have looked into your amps history and did some investigating. Here is what I have found. Your amp was sent to a service center for the first repair of an intermittent Ch 1 distortion problem. Apparently its issues were not fully resolved. We then received it here at Crown. The intermittent problem was root caused to be a resistor on the BFG board. In the repair/ troubleshooting process the technician replace the viper chip. I can only speculate that it was an oversight on the technicians part that not all viper connections were soldered completely. To answer your second question, traces do get damaged from time to time. They are usually easily identified and can be repaired. We at Crown use IPC (The Institute For Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits) standards as a guideline for any circuit board repair. Once a circuit board has been repaired to IPC standards the board is deemed to be as good as a new board. Rob Arch Technical Supervisor Crown Audio