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  1. So, my mixer output is 1.25 volts, and the input of the 402 is 1.023. Is there a posible way to drop the voltage of my mixer with a piece of equipment inline? I was looking at a DriveRack PA, which is very nice.
  2. Thank you both. It is time for some troubleshooting teh equipment.
  3. The voltage shouldn't matter, i don't. As long as I'm sending the my highest part of the signal is 0dB to the amp. It also might be a problem with my mixer, maybe. I made sure the master fader was not all teh way up, the channel fader was set to 0 and adjusted the naster fader to send a 0dB signal. It is still clipping. It also says I might be able to insert a compressor/limiter, which is what I might end up doing, to prevent clipping.
  4. Yeah i saw that PDF and read it all. I think Ill have to experiment a few times. Thanks. 3390[/snapback]
  5. Hi, I have the XLS 402 and I am haiving problems with clipping. I am sending a 0dB signal to the amplifier and around 3 o'oclock on the amplifiers gain knobs (about 75% turned up), the amp clips. I wouldn't think that it should clip then or at all when a 0dB signal is being sent. Please help, thank you in advanced. DJ Phantom David Lenharr Professional DJ Service