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  1. Thanks Ryan. If I use just a 4-pole speakon from channel one of the IT8K, I get only one of the 15's driven, unless there is input to channel 2 of the amp which sends that signal to the other 15 in the cabinet. It looks like the channel 1 speakon connector on the amp is wired to get a signal form both channels. What if I just want L/R (channel 1 and channel 2) with 2 QW215's? It seems that I must use the post connectors. Sure would be nice to not stuff all that copper into those posts. I guess I could attach a female speakon connector to the posts with my desired wiring.? 3626[/snapback]
  2. Does anyone have any recs on connecting a speaker requiring a 4 pole connection to an I tech 8000. It is a Peavey QW 215 ( two 15 inch speakers) requiring a 1+/1-/2+/2- connection. I am currently mounting the 1+/2+ to the red pole and 1-/2- to the black pole of each channel. Any problems with this setup? Thanks Alex
  3. The problem is intermittent. I think it occurs when the fan is revved up. Will it get tested at the higher temps when I send it in?
  4. Hello, I am new to the forum. Thanks for your help in advance. One of my I-Tech 8000 amps has a crunchy, crackling noise in channel one only. It worsens as the amp heats up (more use, more noise) and is independent of the input channel and attenuator. There is also an underlying hum in the same channel. The input can be disconnected and attenuator at -100 db without affected the volume of the noise. Channel two is silent. No hum, no crackle/crunch. It occurs with any speaker and with either a wired post connection or neutrik connector. Program material or pink noise seems unaffected and otherwise clear. Thanks again for your help. Alex