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  1. I am impressed with the documentation available for my D-150A SII but not so for my PSL-2. Am I looking in the wrong place perhaps? Cheers Trevor
  2. Logan, I thought the rated power was 75 watts not 750! Perhaps that is why it sounds quiet? Cheers Trevor
  3. Hi Steve Sorry I can't help you as I have only just aquired mine from work when we closed down the factory! However I have been looking for relevant documentation but so far have not found much. Apart from the Quick Ref. on this site there does not seem to be much around. I have figured out the controls (not exactly rocket science) and got it fired up with the D-150A SII that came with it. It sounds great as you no doubt know but some of the switches are noisy particularly the rumble filter and need a clean which is why I am looking for a service manual so I don't break it! Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Trevor