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  1. If you`d like I can take a look at your IQwic-file to get sure that everything`s ok, or to see what the difference is depending on. Here`s my adress: mail@muensterfeld-tonstudio.de . If you send it to me I`ll take a look... Regards, Daniel
  2. Hey, I think the easiest way is to use an remote-desktop-connection to a pc placed in the locations network. IQ-Components are working with mac-adresses. These cannot be routed. The local IT-technicians can create a dynamic adress for the PC, so you can acces it from everywhere in the world without creating a vpn.
  3. Hi, first you have to be sure that your amp and your PC are in the same logical network (no routers/gateways between the components). If so, you`ll find your amp in the TCPIQ-Utility. There you have to give your amp an ip-adress that`s currently not used in your Network, and an IQ-ID. The IQ-ID is used for identifying your amp in IQwic. After this you can start IQwic and add you amp as device (with the same IQ-ID) to your workplace. You have to be sure which firmware-version you are using. If the version of the device on your workplace is not the same as on your amp, it will not be possible for the software to communicate with the hardware. You can create your Filter-Setting offline. When finished you can engage it to the device. If you add an available device to your workplace the light in the left corner of the devices image will be green after changing in work/online mode. Than you`re working directly on the device. Cou can choose between "worklace edit" and "online mode" by clicking the symbol that looks like a hand writing something.