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  1. i have a chance to puchase two used crown amps . first is a crown d150 second is a xs900 the music store wants 325 for the xs and 125 for the d150. is that a good price , and whats the wattage , also how is the overall peformance of these amps..
  2. i should have been more specific when adressing the issue about pc , using computer and cd mix 1 -numark , master on cd mix 1 am using balanced xlr cables to xlr input on amp . cd 2 line on numark going to pc , if i disable using computer i just cant seem to see why sound quality is better,sounds fine when i play on pc but when i plug into amp most of mp3 files are like i said unstable volume in and out slightly but noticable could this have anything to do with sensitivity setting.
  3. also am wondering about possibly running bridge mono mode but i am worried about blowing speakers .the speakers are yamaha c115v's 500 watt program 1000 watts max. when running bridge or stereo mode what should i set sensitivity setting to 1.4 or 26jb. i am using speakon from speakers to banana on amp also how would i hook up banana to posts,would that be red to red ..
  4. i have been a dj for a while and am now using the computer with power amp ce2000. i am noticing volume increase and decrease quite often during duration of song,would this be a problem with power amp , or sound card on pc.....also what should sensitivity on amp be set to.