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  1. I have been noticing that on one of my I-Tech's that channel 1 & Channel 2 ohm reporting, under Monitor Section, are different between each other when they are both powering the same speaker cabinet. Channel 1 is consistantly higher than channel 2 (going all the way up to 18ohms), when it is an 8ohm speaker cabinet per channel. I realize that the passive crossover in the cabinet will scue the actual load, but the same amount of power should be flowing through both channels. I have also tried different speakers, to ensure that it wasn't the actual cabinet, but again channel 1 is reporting a very high ohm rate. In addition, recently I had an EAW KF650z Hi-diaphram become "open," in which it was being powered by this channel (channel 1). I do not know if it was just a weak or defective diaphram or if something with this amp is actually going on. The actual audio is sounding ok. I've had this amp since November 2005, and only recently (atleast as I can recall), have both channels been significantly different.
  2. I have three (3) I-Tech 4000's that will be powering four (4) EAW KF650z and one (1) Macro 5002 that will be powering two (2) EAW SB1000. Will there be a noticible difference with the subs due to that I will probably be using just a regular crossover w/ the Macro 5002? If so, what should I compensate for? Also, what about using the PIP crossover module for the Macro? How does it work?
  3. I am currently needing to power four (4) EAW 650z, preferably tri-amped, and two EAW SB-1000, with a possible expansion to four subs in the near future. I have read that the x-over points, and other factors as stated by EAW do not totally always match up with the DBX processors (ie. Driverack 480). Is this a true statement with the new Crown I-tech's, due to that the I-tech's use Driverack technology. If so, what settings need to be calculated a little differently? Also, I am planning on getting two (2) I-tech 6000's for the mids & lows, one (1) I-tech 4000 for the highs, and then an I-Tech 8000 for the subs. Is this combination OK for the KF650z's or should I go with an I-tech 4000 for the mids too?