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  1. Since it's best to turn the power amp OFF first, I assume that the power amp should be turned ON first, and then the pre-amp? No I would turn on the pre-amp and processors(if any) 1st then the power amp.
  2. Thanks David, Russ.
  3. I'm trying to get an XTI 2000 for my DJ system,but nobody I've contacted has one.I have a chance to sell my XLS 402 right now but I need a replacement in place first.Anyone know what the deal is? Russ.
  4. Get an Xti1000. 500W per channel at 4ohms, plus other fun goodies you can read about on the Crown home page. 3296[/snapback] The only decision regarding an amplifer is the power rating(get as much as you can afford).The sound will be detrerimned by the spkr+cab and effects.The amp will do the rest.Russ.
  5. You won't need a crossover.The EQ is a good idea.Are you using a "stomp box" or some sort of processor for your bass guitar.If your bass signal is mono I'd run your 18 on one channel and your 4-10's on the other side so you can set them differently if needed.Russ.
  6. There you go.That would do the trick on an econo budget.Russ
  7. I'm not sure of the output level of your PC's sound card.It will probably not enough to fully drive your amp. Get or build a cheap preamp/mixer to bind you over.Russ.
  8. Hey Clubber,There is nothing wrong with an XLS-602.I own one (just got it) and a 2 yr old 402.When I run em the last 2 hrs of a job at at 85% and they are fine.You have to remember that some people would rather push a Chevy that drive a Ford,which shows how biased some folks get about a certin item.I have used other products in the past with mixed results and I'm sure any Crown product might have a problem sometime or another.Their tech support and willingness to get the product straightened out in on par with the best in the industry.That 602 will drive those speakers fine, but I feel if you can get a little more power it wouldn't hurt
  9. Face it guys Bose is overrated crap.There are many brands of loudspeakers out there that will out perform Bose.If you got em' for free what the *beep*.Any recording studio worth a *beep* doens'nt have Bose.I have a friend with a set of 901's and I had a pair of JBL 902vx.Mine sounded richer and crisper.The only thing I could say about his was the sound pattern was wider.But at the cost difference I could have another pair of speakers and tilt them out and still have money to throw a party with.Russ.
  10. It's on the way. 1844[/snapback] Thanks David for your prompt response.I found a pc trace open under Q2 and all is well and Rockin' Russ.
  11. It's on the way.
  12. I Have a CE 1000 (S/N 672756) That has an intermittent fan operation.Last year I repaired connections on 2 smd xstrs Q1,Q2 and that restored the fan for almost a year.Now the fan won't run at all.The Fan checks out ok.I need the schematic so I can get her back up.I hate to have to use my CS 400 to do the work this amp has to do.Russ