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  1. I-T4000

    So I turn my system on and for the first time ever I have a problem with my I-tech. I have 2 with each system and it is setup that ch1 is subs(SRX-728s) and ch 2 is hi paks(SRX 722). Last night ch1 had no sound and the clip light was solid. setup my laptop to talk to it and couldn't find any issue. I set a couple of different presets and couldn't clear it. Halfway thru the show the amp cleared itself and I was able to use it fine. Any one ever see this before?????
  2. Firmware

    I have 2 ITech 4000 side by side. I use them for subs and hipaks(ch 1 is SRX728s and ch 2 is SRX 722's). What i notice is one amp doesn't have the punch the other does. All the settings are the same the only thing I notice different is the firmware. Has any one ever heard of that maybe being an issue?
  3. I have 2 I-Tech 4000 side by side. 1 of them has an exclamation point between the bars on the LCD. The book tells me to look in the error page of the amp but I can't find anything. What else should I try and what does it mean?