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  1. Does anyone from Crown monitor this forum???
  2. I own 5 crown xs4300 power amplifiers the oldest of which is approximately 10+ years old. Recently (New Years Eve to be exact) my oldest xs4300 unit started emitting a hum on channel 1 although the channel passed audio. The particular rack the unit is in is used approximately 10 times per year for outdoor concert and indoor (rather loud) DJ'd events. The hum does not seem to be consistent though..... I can power the rack up and all is fine but after a while the hum starts....or sometimes there is no hum for hours.. I have disconnected the signal source for the amp and the hum is still present when there is only the amp hooked up to the speaker...I have also swapped speaker cables. Since I use the rack for "sound for hire" gigs I cannot afford to have issues... Maybe it's a "ribbon cable issue" as per the original xti amps... Should I open the amp up and re-seat the ribbon cables?? I am sure that the unit is out of warranty.... Does Crown still service these units? Please advise. Mike acpliveaudio.com
  3. What class amp is the Crown X4000?
  4. Hello: After yesterday's power fiasco (xti4000 would not run from a generator while my IT6000, K2, and XS4300 had no problems) I need to find another amp to replace the xti4000...... I cannot afford an Itech at this time. The amp needs to provide 1200 watts per side @4 ohms for my application. What's out there? I'd like to stay all Crown if possible. I do not mind purchasing used to make things fit my budget. Mike M
  5. Hello All, Amongst my other crown amps I own/use: - four xti4000's (first version) - three it6000's (first version) - one it8000 (first version) Recently I deveolped a problem with one of the xti's: channel two showed signal being passed; LED's on front panel indicated signal/output but no signal going to speaker. The other channel was fine. I called crown service with the serial # of the unit. I mentioned to service that there is a well-known issue with the ribbon cable / front panel on the original-run of the series. I also emailed crown the serial #'s of my remaining xti and itech serial #'s. The result: Crown sent me (free of charge) new front panels/ribbon cables for my xti amps plus new ribbon cables for all of my itechs. I have changed-out two of the front panels on my xti's (about 10 mins to do so) and they are up and running without a hitch. Within the next week I will spend an afternoon to upgrade my remaining amps. I feel that Crown took care of me. Mike M
  6. Hello: A yearly gig that I provide sound production for has changed HS football field venues this time around. In the past I have always had wall-power (one 20 amp circuit) to run my rig (rack of: one XS4300, one XTI4000, and one IT6000 all run stereo/non-bridged) for a 3-way Yorkville TX system. The DJ has had the lights "dimming with the beat" but has not tripped a breaker in past years... All of that said, this year's event has changed venues to a HS football field where there will not be any "hard-wired" power. This event will have donated generator power for lighting a football field plus providing power for the stage. I have powered my rack with a Honda EU3000is generator in the past with no problems, however, I have never run my rig off of an industrial (non-inverter) generator. My question for Crown tech's (and anyone else with practical experience): - Can my above-listed amps run on a "non-inverter" generator? I can "cobble together" a rack of two Crown K2's and one Crown K1 to limp through the gig. (Will K1/2 amps work with non-inverter amps?) It will probably not "cut it" (be loud enough) as my regular racks/rig (with proper power) would...... Bottom line: Can the below-listed Crown amps be powered by a non-inverter (industrial) generator? - XTI4000 - XS4300 - IT6000 - KI - K2 I never had this problem when my rig consisted of microtech amps (back in the 90's)...heavy as *beep*...but would run anywhere...... Please advise. Mike Monte
  7. Hello: My 3 racks consist of one Crown xs4300, one XTI4000, and one IT6000 per rack. They have been bullet-proof (aside from a ribbon-cable issue in 2 of the Itechs....once the ribbon cable issues were corrected, they have worked flawlessly). I assume that the xs4300 may not be supported by Crown anymore (is it?). Are the first generation Itechs still supported (can I send them in for service) by Crown? I have been reading in other forums that they are not supported. I live in the US. I am hoping that my racks will serve me as well (or better/longer) than my original Microtech racks....20+ years (they would probably be still working for me if I hadn't sold them). Please advise. Mike Monte
  8. Hello: I need to put a bid together for an upcoming sound gig. The location is in a remote area thus a generator will need to be used. My rack consist of the following power amps: one XS4300 one XTI4000 one IT6000 None of the amps are bridged. Everything run at 8ohms. Since the IT/XTI have computers in them, "any old" generator may not do.... What brands of generator do you recommend? Am I best to rent a generator with an inverter or will a standard generator (with proper amperage) work? Please advise. Mike M
  9. Let me clarify my question: Should I take the cover off of the remaining amps and wiggle the Ribbon cable to see if it is loose? Or, do I use them and hope that it is all set. Are there any specific serial numbered units that have this common fault? I would like my amps to be dependable throughout my performance season (which starts the 1st weekend in March). Please asvise. Mike M
  10. I have sent the unit to Crown for service. When I called Crown to make arrangements (get the RTA #, etc.) the gal told me that once Crown received the unit (since it is an Itech) I would have a repair quote within 5 days. According to UPS it arrived at the factory yesterday (2/15)....we'll see.... On another note, I own three IT6000's and one IT8000 in total. Thus far the unit in question is the only one that has malfunctioned. Before my busy season starts, is there anything that I can do with the remaining amps to see if the "ribbon cable" will work properly for the season or do I have to just take my chances... Please advise in a response to this post. Mike M
  11. Hello: One of my IT6000's started having problems during my last gig. I did not have a backup amp on hand. The application was "spoken word" only during a town meeting ie; very light duty. I used the unit to drive two 8ohm woofers as part of a bi-amped cabinet.....I have used this arrangement many times with steller results. Prior to the start of the meeting, one of the channels started making clicking/popping sounds which eventually stopped and all seemed well. I isolated the problem to the specific channel on the amp. Once the meeting started the channel worked fine....for a while....then it cut out. After two or three minutes, there was a single "pop" sound through the PA and the channel came to life. The rest of the meeting went fine but I was stressing bigtime. I contacted Crown Tech support, advised them of the issue and was told that it was probably a ribbon cable issue. The tech suggested that I send the unit back to Crown to diagnose the problem. The unit is six years old and out of warranty. If I send the unit back to Crown and it is indeed the "ribbon cable issue" will Crown fix the unit free of charge (as the ribbon cable issue in older units is well-documented)? I have read that the turnaround time at Crown repair/service for "out of warranty" work can be up to two months. I cannot be without the unit for that amount of time. Should I remove the amp's cover and try to "reseat" the cable? Please advise. Mike M
  12. I currently use an Itech6000 to drive my subwoofers (yorkville tx9s....1700watts @ 4 ohms), one cab per channel and I have been pleased with the setup. I am currently pondering the addition of an Itech8000 to my inventory to run two tx9s' per side of the amp (four subs total). My question: If I were to run my four subs from one IT8000, will the amp behave on one 20amp circuit? I've never had issues running my IT6000 plus xs4300 on a 20 amp circuit. Will I need a 30 amp circuit for an IT8000 amp? Please advise. Mike M
  13. Try a Crown K1 amp. Although they are out of production at this time, they do sound good and they do not use a fan. Ebay has them from time to time. I use my K1 and K2's for quiet "speaking" applications. Perfect "noiseless" power. Mike M
  14. Bill, I own and use many Crown amps: MT1200,MA1200,K1,K2,xs4300,Itech6000 plus my new xti4000 for my small sound provider gigs. My only issues over the years have been all of my Itech 6000 fans running at full-speed (very noisy ...even at idle).....I did send them Itech's back to crown (within warranty period) and crown took care of things and they have been flawless ever since. Now mind you, my Itech's worked well "out of the box" but they did develope these issue after about 25-30 or so hours of use. I have since run them without issue. The reason for my original post was to see if odd things (such as my itech issues) tend to creep up "within a certain amount time...". My xti has been great thus far (in my backyard...lol). I plan on gigging it for approximately 24 hours within the next couple of weeks at a couple of festivals. Owning/using 17 Crown amps over the years I have been pleased with their performance. Mike M.
  15. This may sound a little odd but here goes: I just received shipment of a new Crown xti4000 power amplifier. I will use it in stereo w/o the processing for the forseeable future. I plan on using the unit to lighten up my 3 way rig's amp rack. Being mindful of all of the issues with these amps (ribbon cables & such) if the unit is problematic, when to these problems arise? If issues are present, will issues occur right out of the box or will they occur after a certain amount of usage? In other words if the unit works properly for (?) number of hours, it should work trouble-free for years..right? What should I look out for? I would like to hear from end users if possible. Mike M