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  1. It must be pretty old! The date code is not even printed! A.
  2. Next time I have an XTI6002, I'll verify the voltage reading. I seem to have seen a correct voltage reading for a 4002 recently. A.
  3. Hello Traige, Verify and measure C933 (220uF 35V); If it appears out of tolerance, replace it with a 220uF 63V. A.
  4. "order the temperature sensor foams (134882-1 : need two per amp, under device's heat sink clamp) if you refurbish the output section." Whenever I get a CTS2K/3K I evaluate the condition of the temperature sensor foam, located under the HS (high side) forked clamp. The 'taped' foam is used to apply pressure on a temperature sensor, installed on the last fet of this section (well, both sections!). The foam should not be hard to the touch. If you discover a hardened foam, refurbish the output section : Remove clamps, remove and clean heat sinks and output devices; Apply a thin coat of thermal compound to both surfaces (heat sink and devices); Before clamping down, locate last fet of HS section; Add a little compound on the devices tab and place the teardrop sensor inside tab's hole. Remove foam backing and view glued (taped) surface and place foam over sensor, holding sensor in place (inside tab hole). Of course, you DO NOT try to refurbish output devices inside of unit. Remove BCA module before starting any repair or refurbishment. Alain
  5. Good amp, versatile. Simple amplifier with DSP capabilities. Use Audio Architect to access and create new [20] presets. A.
  6. Hello Brian, If the units are the older version and not ITHD : I suspect the inter-module 50p ribbon cable, between input card and BCA main module. Inspect the 50p cable : If the cable header is black and not grey, replace the cable. Note : The probable reason why the amps go silent after a minute or so, is because of the 'Sleep' mode : After a minute the BCA output carrier signal is halted at the modulator section. As soon as a signal is detected, the carrier will continue its modulation of the output section. At the same time, do refurbish the output section! Replace the temperature sensor foam and replace thermal compound applied to output devices and heat sink. I hope this helps! Alain
  7. Hey Carlos, My little pinky says that the 50p inter-module ribbon cable (input to BCA main) has to be replaced. The replacement cable ( p/n 140367-1 ) is available from Crown. At the same time, order the temperature sensor foams (134882-1 : need two per amp, under device's heat sink clamp) if you refurbish the output section. A.
  8. Hello Kapou, From the pages of the 6002 manual : "Advanced Monitoring This feature allows you to have software visibility of both the Power Supply Temperature and AC Line voltage. AC Line voltage is “derived” from the amplifier rail voltage and is an approximation of the AC line voltage. This allows you to monitor the health of your amplifiers and provides for troubleshooting." The measurement is not the 'real' AC voltage but a 'derived' value taken from the rail's voltage. This voltage appears correct considering that the unit is an XTI6002 (BCA amp). A.
  9. DCI2 is a dual channel amplifier, rated at 1250W between 2 ohms and 8 ohms, somewhat dipping lower (by half) at 16 ohms : The output power does appear stable between 2 ohms and 8 ohms! This should alleviate some impedance issues with your system. Verify all power cables : Use 14 gauge or lower for the XLS AC cable; Can you swap for higher current cables? A.
  10. Hello Cal, What's the condition of the amp? Look's good doesn't mean that it operates normally! But let's take it at face value : If the amp works well then it is a great buy! 120 - 2000Hz : No, this bandwidth is reduced; in home use it would be increased. Perhaps the unit may need some refurbishing; Ask the seller! Regards, A.
  11. Theoretically, yes. The DCI2 specs ( ) lists a stable power output between 2 ohms and 8 ohms compared to the XLS2500 specs ( ) or the XTI4002 ( ). BTW, 'N' stands for 'Network' applications. Hope this helps! A.
  12. The reset button is loose. It will pop out half a cm if triggered. I doubt this is the cause. Are you sure of your input signal? Do you use the RCA or the quarter inch connections? Try inserting headphones into the quarter inch input connector while signal is applied to the other connections to validate input signal to the amp. Do you have the indicators modulating when signal is applied? Perhaps it should be time to contact your friendly neighbourhood Crown service centre. A.
  13. This is not easy : A two to five volt pre-amps has to be designed. There is no passive solution, unless you wish to use transformers. I found this site : Perhaps you can implement something form the explanation? Using the circuit described above, what did you do with the 10K resistor? Did you leave the 10K resistor in parallel with the electret? Did you leave in parallel with the TRRS jack? Did you remove it? Please advise!
  14. From my experience with XTI units, the level controls significantly reduces the input level down to virtually nothingness. If you still hear levels passing through : - Perhaps you have a broken input path (open resistor) in the input chain to ground;Check input resistors near input connectors. - The input module initially had some 'problems'; Check the ribbon cable between display and main : Cable header should be white and verify display module p/n for : 138911-5; '-5' is important! If version number is lower than -5, I suggest that you replace the display board; - Perhaps the level controls don't actually reach minimum level; Then, replace the level controls. - Last but not least, verify all coupling input caps : Should be within 10% of printed value (47uF); Hope this helps! Alain